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Story Consulting


Creating a story is a messy process, but from chaos comes beauty.

The Elements of Story

While the specifics change, the elements remain essentially the same:


The Character

In this case, the potential client or customer is the character and it's their story.


The Plan

This is how you can help, the service you provide, the way you can solve the problem.


The Problem

The main character in the story comes to you with a need, a want, or a desire.


The Call to Action

Characters don't take action until they're challenged. This is how you motivate clients to choose you as their guide.


The Guide

This is you or your business. The one who can provide assist along the journey.


Success or Failure

Every story ends with our hero's success or failure, and ideally a problem remedied or simplified.

These steps will be our guide along the path of discovering your authentic story.

Storytelling is a
Collaborative Process

Charlie was really patient and collaborative in helping me get my site up and looking the way I wanted. As a therapist, it was important that whoever worked on my website could understand the field, the needs potential clients may have, and not create a copy/paste website. Charlie started off with getting to know me, what makes me tick as both a person and a therapist, as well as wanting to know about my potential clients. From there, he was able to help me design a website that fit all my needs as well as being reflective of my personality. I've already referred Charlie and Red Radnor Creative to others in my field and wouldn't hesitate to do so again!

Neil Wolfson, MEd, LCSW


This Is Your Journey

Let's find the words to express who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart.

Let's tell your story.

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